Price cut side effect: cheaper refurbished iPhones

Want to save even more on an iPhone? Get a refurb off Apple's site.

CNET Networks

Today's oh-so-sweet $200 price cut on the iPhone had a nice little side effect. Those refurbished 8GB iPhones sold exclusively through Apple's special deals section that were on sale for $499 last month have been given the price cut treatment, as well, although only by $50 this time around, bringing the grand total down to $349 for an (almost) brand new iPhone. If you're looking to save $50 on an iPhone to spend on some music to fill it up using the new iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, this is a pretty sweet deal while supplies last. Keep in mind, however, it being a refurb and all, that you won't be the first to grace its glass surface with your face grease.