Preview BlackBerry 10 on your iPhone, Android device

Get a brief preview of BlackBerry 10 using just your iPhone or Android browser.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

There's been a lot of talk and attention regarding BlackBerry and its launch of BlackBerry 10. If all the hype has piqued your interest -- even the slightest bit -- you can catch a glimpse of the new operating system directly from your iPhone or Android browser.

To walk through some of BlackBerry 10's main features, point your mobile browser to

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Once the page loads you'll be walked through basic gestures for navigating the OS, how to use the Hub, the predictive keyboard, BBM Video and Screen Share, and the camera's Time Shift feature. You can't navigate the OS entirely on your own; you'll see arrows and dots highlighting where you need to tap, or the type of gesture you should use to move between screens.

The tutorial is a convenient way of showing iPhone and Android users what the basics of BlackBerry 10 look like on a mobile device. It's not as fluid as I would expect it to be on an actual Z10, but you get the general feeling for the flow of BlackBerry 10.

(Via BlackBerry OS)

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