Presto! Belkin's Netbook sleeves are now iPad sleeves

Some Netbook and Kindle DX accessories are being quickly converted into iPad accessories.

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Max Netbook sleeve
Through the magic of Photoshop, Belkin's Max Netbook sleeve is a perfect fit for the iPad. Belkin

Not surprisingly, now that the iPad has officially launched, we're starting to see a steady stream of upcoming iPad accessories. Some of the early ones weren't designed specifically for the iPad but they're being artfully repurposed for Apple's new tablet.

The folks at Ten One Design are quick to note that their two Pogo Stylus products will work with the iPad. And Belkin's taken its line of Netbook sleeves and magically retrofitted them for the iPad (the Belkin sleeves fit Netbooks with screen sizes up to 10.2 inches).

The three sleeves are called Vue ($39.99), Max ($39.99), and Grip ($39.99), and Belkin will also sell a screen overlay for $19.99. We expect that in the coming months Belkin will announce more customized iPad accessories, but it's going to take a few weeks for the company's designers to whip up some prototypes.

Belkin Vue
The Belkin Vue carries a list price of $39.99 but sells for closer to $25 online. Belkin