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Donald Trump win hailed, assailed and ribbed on social media

The presidential election results surprised many and thrilled some. Others, of course, just couldn't resist making jokes.

Mr. President.
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

President-elect Donald Trump. After a drawn-out, contentious election, news of the Washington outsider's stunning upset Tuesday night ignited a fire (well, all kinds of them) on social media.

From "I told you so" on the right to "No one told us this would happen" on the left, voters weren't afraid to let loose their disbelief, anxiety and glee.

The end of a tight race for the White House came just before midnight PT Tuesday when Trump took the stage at his campaign headquarters in Midtown Manhattan to say that Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival, had called him to concede the election. The very close vote seemed to surprise many, especially as most pre-election polls showed Clinton leading by a wide margin. The election results were seen by many as a referendum on the Washington establishment.

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Perhaps as a barometer of the worries many have for the future of the US, Canada's immigration website crashed Tuesday night as Trump got within striking distance of being named 45th president of the United States. Before it become official, President Trump started trending on Twitter.



Silver loses his shine?

Five Thirty Eight prognosticator Nate Silver, who failed to predict a Trump upset, had been a favorite of Democratic voters as the election approached, and many felt betrayed by the election results.

The state of the states

Some social media talk focused on the results from specific states, with disappointed voters lashing out at a few in particular (we're talking to you Florida).

Coming in third

Candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein may not have had a real chance to win, but their influence was felt online.

Memes and bad dreams?

On the left, many of the memes were about how memes had failed. But not to worry, the next four years are sure to bring plenty of winning ones.