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Trump takes hits as Obama slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon

The president references '90s song "O.P.P.," starts a Hawaiian countdown and jokes that "Orange is NOT the New Black."

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton came in for mentions Thursday night as President Barack Obama appeared on "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon" to slow jam the news.

The president began with a recitation of the accomplishments of his administration, but things quickly turned musical.

"He created tons of jobs, for you and me," sang Tariq Trotter, leader of Fallon house band The Roots. "And he's got one more left, for Hillary."

When discussing presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, Obama said that his new favorite show was "Orange is NOT the New Black." And earlier he noted that some candidates had been critical of his foreign policy, but wasn't naming names. Trotter helpfully chimed in with, "Talkin' about Donald Trump, now."

A certain 1990s song earned a hat-tip when the president mentioned the "Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP." Which naturally opened the door for Fallon to ask Obama if he was down with TPP, which led to the only answer possible -- "Yeah, you know me."

The video has plenty more, including a Beyonce mention in which the president becomes "Baracky with the good hair," and Obama counting down the days until he can return to his home state of Hawaii for a tropical vacation. ("223 days, but who's counting?")