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Preorder your diamond-encrusted Apple iPhone 6S now

Are diamond-studded iPhones forever? This limited-edition blinged-out version of the rumored iPhone 6S makes all calls feel like a luxury, if you can afford the $200,000 price tag.

Is a diamond-decorated iPhone 6S a girl's best friend? Brikk

The Apple iPhone 6S is still the stuff of rumors, but you can preorder one now -- for $200,000.

Brikk is offering a diamond-studded versions of the rumored iPhone, and I suddenly wonder if this is how the rich kids of Instagram will be calling each other.

The iPhone 6S, of course, has yet to be revealed. In fact, aside from some speculation , no one is certain what it will even look like.

But a lack of solid information about the rumored new phone hasn't stopped the high-end Brikk from offering preorders of glamorous versions of the iPhone 6S complete with the kind of jewels that would impress royalty. Brikk previously made it possible to preorder a 24-karat-gold iPhone 6 months before it launched.

These kinds of dazzling iPhones aren't new.

In February, UK luxury purveyor Goldgenie offered the Diamond Ecstasy limited-edition iPhone 6 for a mere $3.5 million. In 2014, Falcon offered an iPhone 6 with a pink diamond for a whopping $48.5 million.

Luckily, this bejeweled Lux iPhone 6S is a lot cheaper starting at just a $200,000 (about £127,793 AU$271,000) preorder price tag. You get a lot of bang for your buck, including over 50 carats of diamonds "sprinkled" all over the handset, according to Luxury Launches.

The price includes Brikk plating the phones with precious metals -- 950 platinum, 24-karat yellow gold or 18-karat pink gold diamonds. The phones are also packaged with specially designed Zero Halliburton cases.

For those who don't know how carats and karats differ from carrots, a carat is a unit of weight for diamonds, whereas a karat is used to describe a unit of purity with gold. Carrots are a vegetable, and a whole lot cheaper than both diamonds and gold.

If you want to preorder this diamond phone, you'll have to lay down a nonrefundable deposit of $25,000. The Lux iPhone 6S will be released four to six weeks after Apple's official iPhone 6S release, which is anticipated for sometime in September if you believe all the speculation.

That gives us all plenty of time to raise $200,000, right?