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Predator-style night specs see heat images

These night-vision goggles from ITT Exelis can lay thermal images over the typical green display, allowing soldiers to pick out hidden people.

ITT Exelis

Defense contractor ITT Exelis has a nifty new line of night-vision goggles that let you see thermal imagery in the dark.

The Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggles (SENVG), part of the i-Aware line, overlay thermal images on the usual green display in night-vision goggles. They're sensitive enough to pick up recently moved soil on a dirt path, and can also be used to spot people hiding behind bushes.

Soldiers can use them to see clearly at night an in all weather conditions--SENVG comes with an image intensification function.

The goggles can also be used to import or export images, video, and data such as UAV pictures of terrain or map files.

"What is so game-changing about the i-Aware line is that it transforms night vision from being a standalone tool to being another sensor integrated across the broader battlefield network," says Will Crain, a PR spokesman for the line.

However, the sensor that overlays the thermal imagery on the goggles' field of vision is not approved for export by the State Department, he noted.

The specs were recently shown off at the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) in Fort Benning, Ga. Soldiers were pleased with the equipment, according to Army Times, with Sgt. First Class Jon Duncan commenting, "Get it to every single infantryman yesterday."