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'Preacher' moments we're praying for (and one we don't want)

Check out these jaw-dropping moments from the "Preacher" comic that we're praying to see in the new TV adaptation.


It was the time of the preacher...

So begins the comic series "Preacher", by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon. Published by DC's adult line Vertigo between 1995 and 2000, "Preacher" tells the tale of man of the cloth Jesse Custer, possessed by a demonic force and determined to get answers from God himself.

On his quest, Custer encounters a cast of weird, demented and memorable characters, ranging from gun-toting Tulip and blarney-ing bloodsucker Cassidy to the deadly Herr Starr and the terrifying emissary of hell, the Saint of Killers. With such compelling characters, the comic is packed with stunning clashes, hilarious escapades and jaw-dropping moments.

To celebrate the new "Preacher" TV series, here are six of our favourite moments from the much-loved comic.

Narrowing it down to just six was a tough job. Let us know which are your favourite bits from the comic in the comments.

Now obviously the TV show is a very different story to the comic, so we're not saying we want to see these moments exactly recreated -- but if the show serves up some great moments half as cool as these, we'll be very happy pilgrims.

We've kept things vague to avoid spoiling either the comic or the TV show for new fans, but if you haven't read the comic you might consider these spoilers. Heck, pardner, if you haven't read the comic, why are you reading this? Go read "Preacher" instead!

"Preacher", starring Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, is on AMC in the US and Amazon Prime Video in the UK from Sunday.