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PowerColor's PowerJack saves the world from the scourge of overweight 3D cards

PowerColor's PowerJack offers support for overweight 3D cards.

It's a story that's all too familiar: an eager gamer spends his or her hard-earned dollars on that $700, dual-GPU graphics card tearing up the benchmark charts. All seems well for the first few weeks of gaming bliss, then, in the middle of a marathon Call of Duty 2 session, the monitor blinks out, and the computer emits a high-pitched beep. Fearing the worst, the gamer yanks off his PC's side panel only to find that his desktop, like tens of others, has fallen victim to that terrible scourge, GPU obesity.

The picture above is an all-too painful reminder of how damaging GPU obesity has become for gamers and their families. Our PCI Express slots were only designed to support so much weight. That hasn't stopped performance-greedy graphics card companies from loading their GPUs with hundreds of stream processors, ounces of cooling pipes, untold quantities of graphics RAM. Then they use popular characters to market these cards to gamers. If only someone would make a stand.

PowerColor's PowerJack stands tall against the scourge of GPU obesity.
PowerColor's PowerJack stands tall against the scourge of GPU obesity.

Thankfully, PowerColor has been listening. Enter the PowerJack.

The idea is simple: if the PCI Express bracket and the screws in the case aren't enough to support these unhealthy 3D cards, simply insert the PowerJack between the card and the floor of your computer case to relieve pressure and provide needed support. You should notice the benefits of the PowerJack shortly after you begin to use it, if not immediately.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from GPU obesity, you no longer have to live in shame and fear. PowerColor will include the PowerJack with its own higher-end graphics cards starting July 15. It will also sell the PowerJack by itself for a suggested $9.99 a few weeks later.