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Power strip may keep fire marshal away

Adjustable version can handle a multitude of bricks.


OK, so a power strip might not seem very crushworthy, but how many of us have cursed conventional versions over not providing adequate space for a multitude of bricks? In fact, some of us at Crave are on the fire marshal's watchlist for maintaining masses of under-desk cords, adapters, and extensions.

Enter the "Socket Sense Surge Strip," which claims to be "the first and only surge strip with six fully adjustable sockets that expand and contract to fit any power adapter." It's not cheap--the strip retails for $40, according to Popgadget--but the manufacturer says it can "do the job of two ordinary surge strips." Even if it doesn't, it's still a lot cheaper than repairing damage from an electrical fire. We were going to inquire about a bulk discount, but that might just raise more red flags.