Power Rangers Lego set deserves to go, go right onto shelves

A longtime Power Rangers fan has proposed that Lego make a set of the colorful heroes. Although it's early, fan support is clicking into gear.

This Power Rangers idea has a shot at becoming a Lego set.
Lego Ideas

This Lego Power Rangers set is just an idea. But if enough support clicks into place, it could morph into reality.

The set is a new proposal on the Lego Ideas site, where fans of the click-together brick toy kits can create a model of a Lego set they'd like to see. If a set gathers 10,000 supporters on the site, it's evaluated by a review board from the company and could end up becoming an actual project.

"As a lifelong Lego builder (and Power Rangers fan!), and now the proud father of two Power Rangers fans, this set seemed like a no-brainer," wrote bruceywan, who submitted the project. "Please help me make Lego Power Rangers a reality; if not for me and my sons, than for everyone to celebrate the upcoming movie and/or the Power Rangers' 25th anniversary in 2018!"

His proposed set would include "Zordon's Command Center, complete with computer terminals, power spires, viewing globe, and custom-printed energy tube featuring Zordon's unique, studded head."

And don't forget the Lego minifigs, which are cute as can be and feature seven Rangers (including Tommy the Green Ranger and Tommy the White Ranger), all with removable helmets, plus robotic assistant Alpha 5.

As of early Monday, the four-day-old project had more than 1,700 supporters and 602 days left to garner 8,300 more. Go, go, Power Rangers!

(Via CBR)