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Pottery Barn has SMART TECH

Pottery Barn has a line of Smart Technology products for your home/office

Pottery Barn Smart Tech
It's not JUST a bulletin board, it has speakers and chargers!
Pottery Barn

Smart Technology is the innovative new line by Pottery Barn. I couldn't stop laughing when i first saw this over on Cool Hunting... is this the sign that technology has truly become ubiquitous in our everyday? Or have we just redefined what makes something "smart"? Honestly, take a look at this new line of products... classic Pottery Barn styled pieces get more intelligent with the integration of speakers, powerstrips, and holes for cables to come through... Below are a few more pieces from the collection. All of this makes me wonder whether there is a need for the services of someone willing to adapt all of your antique furniture to better house your tech... embedding speakers, powerstrips, wifi boosters, splash pad chargers that work beneath that gorgeous wood inlay?

Pottery Barn

Close up on the Bedford Smart Linen Pinboard... where the speakers and hidden cord keepers are...

Pottery Barn

Even the Leah Desk is 'Smart' with built in "innovative Smart? strip provides a centralized plug-in point for laptops, hair dryers, and other devices."... which is basically a powerstrip in your desk, right?

Pottery Barn

This is the Bedford Smart Recharge Station. "Each piece in our Bedford Smart Collection has a dual purpose ? Smart Technology seamlessly connects you to high-tech accessories by keeping electronics and cords discreet while also organizing and holding household items. Sort papers and bills while recharging portable electronics with our stylish recharge station."