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'Pot Sasquatch' invades live newscast, frolics in the snow

A cryptozoological cosplayer photobombs a live news weather report while wearing a Sasquatch suit covered in cannabis leaves.

The mythical humanoid snow-beast Sasquatch might not be real, but as least we know "Pot Sasquatch" exists. Meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei with 22News in Springfield, Massachusetts, fielded the appearance of the strange creature during a live newscast on Thursday.

Pot Sasquatch managed to photobomb the broadcast while stomping through the snow behind the newscaster. The camera soon panned away to focus on the traffic and non-costumed pedestrians struggling through the massive storm.

The mysterious Pot Sasquatch appears to be a person dressed in a full-body costume decked out with (likely fake) marijuana leaves.

The news cameraperson took extra footage of the supremely silly cosplayer, which 22News posted online for everyone's surreal enjoyment. Pagliei took everything in stride and laughed at the situation.

Unlike with most Yeti, Sasquatch and Bigfoot sightings, at least we have some reasonably clear footage of the reefer-obsessed beast. So far, the creature's identity is unknown, though some commentators on the 22News Facebook page claim to know who the person is. So far, Spliffsquatch has managed to remain anonymous.

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