Possible Zune pics leaked

Are the devices in this picture interesting enough to make you buy a Zune instead of an iPod?

Thursday, Gizmodo posted pictures that purportedly come from a retail glossy advertising Microsoft's next-generation Zune. The portrayed devices come in two sizes, a large 80GB model and a smaller model with either 4GB or 8GB capacity. All three models look quite different from the first-generation Zune--thinner, without the two-tone translucent rubberized finish, and what looks like a touch pad instead of the circular pseudo click-wheel used last time around.

Microsoft has told me that its goal in the next year is for the Zune to be considered the alternative to the iPod family--the only other device that gives users the complete end-to-end experience including hardware, software and an online service. These pictures could certainly be fake. But if they're not, are they interesting enough to make you consider a Zune instead of an iPod? If hardware's not enough, what features would they have to contain to make you interested?