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Portable solar power for outdoor adventure

A new rugged and waterproof charger in the "Solio" line.

Better Energy Systems

Better Energy Systems wants us to rough it. Unlike its previous products, which were designed to provide solar power for small handheld devices essentially in urban use, its newest offering an "ultra-tough" hybrid charger that the company calls "the ultimate accessory for fueling outdoor adventures."

The "Solio Hybrid 1000" provides as much power as the previous "Solio Classic" but is housed in a rugged waterproof case. Its hybrid design also allows its internal lithium-ion battery to be charged by a computer through its USB connection when sunlight isn't an option.

If you're city folk like us, however, you might also want to check out the "Sunsei SolarCharger" to keep the car battery charged when winter arrives. Then you can worship the sun the way our colleague Charlie Cooper is fond of doing outside the office, as seen here.