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Porsche Panamera photos send shivers

Porsche sedan rumored for 2009 seen by UK car blog

Car Online in the UK is reporting that it has snagged photos of the Porsche Panamera.

Is that something to be proud of? I'm not so sure.

Porsche 928 GT
Porsche 928 GT Porsche

The Panamera is the four-door sedan rumored to be in development at Porsche, as the company begins to go the way of Ralph Lauren in terms of dulling brand impact. The rumors have recently reached a simmering point with 2009 as the expected date of release.

The car seems to be based on the 928 GT, as you can see from this photo compared with those of the Panamera on Car Online.

Suspension and brakes are borrowed from the Cayenne and chassis parts from the 911 Turbo, according to Car Online. We can't really speak to the guts until Porsche releases official specs, but Ferdinand and Ferry must be rolling over in their graves over this body design.

Fashion-for-the-rest-of-us is one thing, but who's going to spend Porsche dollars on something that looks like it had a one-night stand with a Dodge Magnum?