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Treat your Bible as lovingly as your phone, Pope Francis says

Commentary: In remarks on Sunday, Pope Francis wonders what would happen if we treated our Bibles like our iPhones.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Can he persuade people to revere their Bibles as much as their cellphones?

Pacific Press, LightRocket via Getty Images

Faith, these days, is in short supply.

Except, that is, for faith in our phones. They give us so much for so little. They inform us and entertain us. They even capture us for posterity.

If only, tech addicts might mutter, religion could do the same.

On Sunday, Pope Francis wondered what it would be like if we treated the Bible with such reverence.

As Reuters reports, the pope mused in St. Peter's Square: "What would happen if we treated the bible like we do our mobile phones?"

Yes, what would happen if we lined up to buy Bibles like we do iPhones? What would happen if we had Bibles in our back pockets, ready to pull out on a long subway ride or, well, a date.

The pope wondered what would happen "if we turned around to retrieve it when we forgot it? If we carried it with us always, even a small pocket version? If we read God's messages in the Bible like we read messages on the mobile phone?"

Some might say we'd become more virtuous, more thoughtful and even kinder. As long as we avoided declaiming certain passages from the Old Testament, that is.

The pope hasn't always been at one with technology. He's pleaded for people to get off their phones and talk to each other. He's said that computers are full of filth and are bad for the soul.

Yet he's surely right that our obsessive attachment to our phones isn't exactly helping us be, well, human.

I cannot confirm that Vice President Mike Pence, a devout Christian, will be suggesting to the president that he might even replace his phone with a Bible for a while. Perhaps he might even persuade him to rest his tweeting device on Sundays.

Yeah, not a prayer.

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