Pope gets a Sony HandyCam

The pontiff can now do what a pontiff does in HD. That's guilt in 1080p!

Matt Hickey
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Matt Hickey
Here! Now I'm all good with the Big Guy, right? Sony Insider

So let's say you're a type of head of state, a prime minister. And you're going around Europe on a tour of the G8 nations. And you're Roman Catholic. Why not stop by the Vatican and give the pope a Sony camcorder?

That's what Taro Aso, prime minister of Japan and a member of Japan's tiny Roman Catholic minority, did Tuesday. According to Sony Insider, the product appears to be an HDR-XR500V HandyCam. They're good consumer models and a great papal gift.

We're wondering if Il Papa will actually use the thing, and if so, what he'll shoot. Secret rites? Classified Vatican secrets? His clearly gold-plated bathtub? No, he's likely going to be making YouTube videos. In HD.