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Pope Francis meets with YouTube creators to 'promote empathy'

Pope Francis has met with 11 young YouTube personalities to have a discussion about spreading peace and understanding through videos.


As part of the VI Scholas World Congress, the Catholic Pope has for the first time met with a bunch of YouTube creators for the purpose of promoting empathy.

The 11 creators were from 10 different countries around the world, and have 27 million subscribers between them. Louise Pentland of the UK, Lucas Castel of Argentina, Matemática Río of Brazil, Hayla Ghazal of the United Arab Emirates, Dulce Candy of the US, Matthew Patrick of the US, Jamie and Nikki of Australia and Sudan/Egypt, Greta Menchi of Italy, Los Polinesios of Mexico and anna RF of Israel met with the pope to discuss gender equality, loneliness, diversity, immigrant rights and other topics.

A video of the entire discussion isn't available, but YouTube noted that you should be able to see each of the participating channels posting their own videos about it in the weeks ahead.