The world may not need Pop-Tarts nachos, but they're here

Prepare for a Pop-Tartspocalypse. Kellogg's opens a pop-up cafe in NYC that transforms the breakfast pastries into burritos, pizzas and tacos.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Nobody wakes up thinking, "I'd better snag some Pop-Tarts nachos today, or else I will be just an empty shell of my true self." But diners in New York City will have the option to nosh on some exceedingly strange Pop-Tarts creations after Kellogg's opened a temporary Pop-Tarts Cafe on Tuesday.

In case you need a refresher, Pop-Tarts are a hardy form of breakfast pastry with sugary innards. They're designed to withstand the rigors of a toaster and come flavors such as frosted blue raspberry, frosted s'mores, chocolate-chip cookie dough and hot fudge sundae.

The Pop-Tarts Cafe offers items like Birthday Fiesta Nachos (frosted confetti cupcake Pop-Tarts as the tortilla chips, with sweet versions of usual nacho toppings) and Personal Pop-Tarts Pizza (frosted brown-sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts crust with strawberry sauce and fruity "pepperoni").

The Pop-Tarts version of a burrito involves several Pop-Tarts flavors and other toppings rolled up in a sweet crepe. Tarty Tacos sub the ground beef with crumbled "cookies & creme" pastries, topped with coconut as lettuce and strawberry-siracha salsa.

Less adventurous eaters can order regular Pop-Tarts or indulge in one of several pastry themes around fruity flavors, chocolate flavors or sweet flavors. Wait...aren't they all sweet?

Kellogg's has tried this publicity stunt before, but not with quite such an inventive menu. The 2010 version of the Pop-Tarts eatery featured ants on a log (celery, peanut butter and grape Pop-Tart pieces) and Pop-Tarts sushi with dried fruit rolls.

The Pop-Tarts Cafe is open through Sunday inside the Kellogg's NYC restaurant in Times Square.

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