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Video shows how to get poop-emoji hair for Halloween

The resulting look is both gorgeous and a little gross. It's sure to be your No. 1 choice for a No. 2 costume this year.

Here's possibly the most elegant poo you've ever seen.

The folks at the Super Deluxe YouTube channel took a willing model, a talented hairstylist and a few props and created a poop-emoji hairdo that is both gorgeous and a little gross.

The video how-to, spotted on Yahoo, is all the more impressive when you see that model Nina Bubek starts out as a blonde, but stylist Amanda Ozard turns her hair into a beautiful rich chestnut brown, the color of prancing mares, delicious chocolate and -- uh, you know.

With some deft braiding skill, and googly eyes and a mouth made out of modeling clay, paint, and a little bendy wire, Bubek turns into the cutest little emoji that's ever graced your computer screen. Or maybe your bathroom.