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Poop emoji button-up shirt makes your wardrobe stink

If you have a daring sense of style, you might want to buy this poop emoji shirt from Betabrand. Fortunately for those around you, it doesn't smell like a porta-potty.

A close-up of the poop shirt, which is totally crappy -- in a good way. Betabrand

If you, like me, are a big fan of the poop emoji, Betabrand has just launched your next favorite shirt on its crowdfunding page.

From afar, the Poo Emoji Button-Up shirt looks like any other patterned shirt, but up close you'll see that it's actually emblazoned with piles and piles of poop emoji arranged ever so carefully to give it that stylish haute outhouse look.

The men's shirt is made of lightweight cotton, has textured faux-shell buttons and can be yours for just $88 (about £58, AU$109, plus international shipping), though you can take 10 percent off that price if you're one of the next 30 or so people to order. The shirt was launched on Betabrand's crowdfunding page, which means it'll only be printed if enough people decide to purchase it.

Believe it or not, the Poo Emoji Button-Up shirt is at least the second article of clothing to proudly feature the poop emoji. Betabrand also made a Poo Emoji shoe that was successfully funded back in November, and with the button-up shirt now available as well, we can safely say that having poop on your clothes has never been more stylish.

This promo image suggests you can wear this on a date, but we suggest you don't. Betabrand