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Poll: Which 2010 HDTV do you most want CNET to review?

CNET editors poll readers asking which 2010 HDTV model they'd like CNET to review in the coming year.

Prioritizing which TVs to review can be tough. If you care, give us a hand. Toshiba


2010 HDTV Reviews
What TV do you most want CNET to review?

LG LE9500
Panasonic TC-PG20
Panasonic TC-PVT25
Samsung PNC8000
Samsung UNC9000
Sharp LE-810UN
Sony XBR-HX900
Toshiba CELL TV
Vizio VF552XVT
Vizio XVT Pro
Not listed, check out my comment for a request.
I trust you to decide/don't care.

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Last year CNET reviewed more than 40 models of HDTVs, spanning the gamut from cheap 32-inch LCDs to 55-inch LED-backlit behemoths.

But choosing which ones to cover among the sea of available models involves some tough decisions, and sometimes our coverage misses the mark. We can also end up delaying a review of one TV while we review others, and determining that priority isn't always obvious. That's why, as I plan our TV coverage for 2010, I'd like to hear about what models you, dear reader, want to read about most.

To that end, as promised, I've selected 10 of the models I'm most interested in reviewing and slapped them into a poll for your ease-of-voting pleasure. If you're unfamiliar with the new models, check out the cheat sheet below or peruse our 2010 CES HDTV roundup, which highlights the sets that seem most interesting from the perspective of new technology, picture quality and cool new features. Most of those TVs are still a few months from reaching the market, but it's never too early to plan ahead.

If you don't see the model you want most, or if you can't choose among them for another reason, vote accordingly anyway and feel free to leave a comment. The more responses I get, the better idea I'll have of what TVs readers are actually interested in seeing me review. Thanks for your participation.

Poll cheat sheet: 2010 HDTVs