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Police tweet stoner's fascinating to-do list

Technically Incorrect: Australian police decide that their Twitter feed is the place to amuse followers after a house search.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

First dye your hair, then get stoned. Murdoch Police/Twitter screnshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The word "police" hasn't been associated too much lately with benign concepts such as humor.

One police force, though, decided to make a small contribution toward lightening citizens' days.

The uniformed peacekeepers in Murdoch, Australia, performed a house search in the charmingly named district of Coolbellup.

In the course of their search, one cool thing came up. This was a to-do list that, in its blessed simplicity, portrayed a life gone to weed.

The Murdoch police posted the list to its Twitter account so that the world could share the priorities of this anonymous person. It also added this caption: "Are ur Saturdays hectic like this!!! To do list located at search warrant in Cooby."

As WA Today reports, the police had been looking for clues to a burglary. In so doing, they burgled evidence of this one person's soul.

At the top of the list was "Get Up Get Ready." This strikes a positive tone. It was followed by the highly pragmatic "Get bus fare." This, though, made one worry that this person needed to be reminded to have bus fare.

Indeed, as the list continues, it becomes clear that they needed to remind themselves to do the most basic things: To go to the bus stop, for example. To go to the bus stop, for example. (Yes, this instruction was there twice); To eat chips (that would be french fries to some) and gravy; To go to Kmart and shop. (As if one would go to Kmart to enjoy an endoscopy or to worship.)

Next was the need to dye one's hair. The last two to-dos, however, revealed that the lister was listing to a high starboard.

No. 9: "Go home and Get a Stick."

No, not a stick to throw for your dog to chase. A stick, in this context, is a little baking weed in Bacofoil.

Which leads us nicely to No. 10: Chop Up and Get Stoned.

Some commenters on the police's tweet offered deep wisdom. Craig Walsh, for example, noted: "At least he had realistic personal goals which he probably achieved."

Not all, however, were amused. Ralph Enriquez countered: "Good thing you foiled these heinous plans. The world is safer with you curmudgeons running around."

In a Twitter reply, the police explained: "Yes, the humour was why it was posted, we thought it was funny and did not disclose any identities."

Some might wonder, though, how prickly it might be if the police posted personal items and someone happened to recognize the owner of those items. The handwriting, for example.

The police haven't disclosed whether any arrests were made or, in fact, whether any members of the police themselves dye their hair before smoking pot.

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