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Police set 420 day 'sting' trap with Cheetos, video games

Got the munchies? You might want to avoid that tempting bag of White Castle burgers sitting in the park.

April 20, 2017 isn't just a Thursday. It's 420 Day, an unofficial celebration of all things marijuana-related.

The Wyoming, Minnesota police department decided a day dedicated to weed was also a good day to crack a joke on Twitter. So the police posted a photo of an undercover sting operation designed to catch pot smokers with the munchies.

The photo shows an officer with a large net at the ready watching over a lineup of Doritos, Cheetos, Mountain Dew and White Castle fast food. The police had thrown in the video games Grand Theft Auto and Battlefield Hardline for good measure.

Perhaps the flaw in the plan here is that the cops' trap is just as likely to pull in a non-toking hardcore gamer as it is a pothead with a rumbling stomach.

While the photo is all in good fun, the police are also tweeting to let people with substance abuse issues know that they can come to the cops for help if needed:

The Wyoming Police Department has a history of teasing the internet with clever tweets. Late last year, they threatened to subject drunk drivers to One Direction music on the way to jail. For 420 in 2016, officers set a different pot-user trap involving a cardboard box, a stick, a string and some bags of snack food.

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