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Pokemon's 20th movie takes the franchise back to its beginning

It was a simpler time then: There were only 151 Pokemon to catch.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon anime series, and its creators are taking things back to the beginning to celebrate.

Production company OLM on Wednesday released the trailer for "Pokemon the Movie 20: I Choose You!" -- a film that retells the story of how Ash first became a Pokemon trainer and bonded with Pikachu.

The trailer will be a trip down memory lane for anyone who watched the Pokemon anime series, which debuted in 1997.

"I Choose You!" will debut in Japan this July, though there's no word on a US release. Typically, though, Pokemon movies get a DVD and Blu-ray release a few months after hitting Japan's theatres.

Although the movie takes the franchise back to its roots, Pokemon is still as popular as ever. The newest games to hit 3DS, Sun and Moon, were Nintendo's fastest selling games in the US ever.