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Pokemon Smile is a free app for brushing your teeth

I mean, for kids brushing their teeth. Yes.

The Pokemon Company revealed Pokemon Smile, an app designed to encourage kids to brush their teeth, in a Wednesday livestream. The free app hits Android and iOS Wednesday.

The AR game is meant to help kids improve their dental hygiene habits, using a phone's camera to monitor their brushing and letting them rescue Pokemon from cavity-causing bacteria, as well as catching them. 

There are over 100 Pokemon to catch in the game, CNET sister site GameSpot noted, so your kids (or you) can amass a collection and have sparkling-clean teeth. The app can also send up to three notifications each day to remind kids (or you) to brush their teeth. You can also set times between one and three minutes for each brushing session.

It seems like the ideal companion app for upcoming sleep-tracker Pokemon Sleep, which was announced last year. However, we haven't had any updates on that app's development since.

On the Nintendo Switch side, the company also revealed that 1999 classic Pokemon Snap will get a sequel -- New Pokemon Snap -- on its hybrid console. Another game, free to start puzzler Pokemon Cafe Mix, is coming to Switch and mobile as soon as next week.

If you need some fresh Pokemon on Switch right now, Sword and Shield expansion The Isle of Armor lands Wednesday.

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