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Pokemon Go player: I caught all Pokemon in the US

One New York-based player of the insanely popular mobile game claims he's caught 'em all. (But the Mewtwo is still at large.)

Augmented reality at work.
Screenshots by Rebecca Fleenor/CNET

Every Charmander, Nidorino and Onix. Reddit user ftb_hodor says he's caught 'em all. At least, all the "pocket monsters" that make up the US collection of Pokemon Go, an AR mobile game more popular than dating app Tinder, Facebook Messenger and basically all your other apps.

To do that, the level-31 New Yorker had to capture 4,269 Pokemon, hatch 303 more and walk 95 miles, according to Polygon. That's a lot of miles. Pokemon creatures are region-specific, so nasty flying Zubats that may be common in one part of the country are more elusive in another.

Redditor ftb_hodor didn't share exactly how he or she overcame regional differences, but one thing's for sure: filling up that Pokedex is like having a full-time job. Brush up here on everything you need to know about Pokemon Go.

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