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Pogoplug Video recalled for overheating, catching on fire

If you own Cloud Engines' Pogoplug Video, please pay attention to this product recall.

Cloud Engines, makers of the Pogoplug series of products, announced a recall of its most recent Pogoplug Video--a device we've been testing here at CNET. According to an e-mail sent last night, all Pogoplug Video units (Pogo-11, -12, -13, and -14) are susceptible to overheating and, in at least one reported case, erupting in actual flames.

Owners of the Pogoplug Video are urged to unplug any hard drives and turn off the devices immediately. (Update/correction: Cloud Engines is currently asking that owners collect proof of purchase and await further instructions on the return process.)

The recall is only for the Pogoplug Video, and not the Pogoplug or Pogoplug Biz. We'd advise you to check your Pogoplug and its box to make sure whether you own one, since many Pogoplug products look nearly identical.

Recall information can be found at Pogoplug's blog, or by e-mailing We did notice that our Pogoplug Video unit was extremely noisy and active, although we have no idea if that's related to the overheating issues.

Editors' note: We recently shot a First Look video for the Pogoplug Video, but it was recorded before the news of the product recall.