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Podcast: One-stop online shopping for public assistance

A new Web-based service helps people in need of pubic assistance find and apply for multiple programs with a single application.

In this tough economic period, more people are relying on some type of public assistance. However, getting information about what programs are available can be daunting. And even if you can access the information online, it typically requires going to numerous sites and filling out multiple applications.

The Oakland, Calif.-based Center to Promote HealthCare Access is trying to make the process easier with its new OneEApp service. OneEApp, which stands for One Electronic Application, is designed to provide a one-stop service to help people discover and apply for multiple benefit programs.

The service, according to director Claudia Page, is accessible via the Web, including from kiosks located in emergency rooms, schools, and other public places.

Page talked about OneEApp with Larry Magid.

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