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Plenty of clobberin' in awesome 'She Thor vs Hulk Zombie' fan film

A scantily clad female Thor takes on a red-eyed zombified Hulk in this new animated short. Thor's powers are up to snuff, but is her outfit?

It's not looking good for Thor, but it's not all over till the hammer falls. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

Last fall, Marvel Comics debuted its new version of Thor, which reimagines the Norse god as a woman. It was apparently love at first sight for at least one fan, who recently released "She Thor vs Hulk Zombie," a short animated film filled with an epic battle between the wielder of Mjölnir (that would be the hammer) and the giant green red-eyed wielder of, um, lots of rage.

The short, which lasts just over 3 minutes, was created by Milton Pool, who runs California-based production company Miltonius Arts. Pool told online geek-culture site GeekTyrant that it took him six months to complete the animation, which pits the new Thor against a zombified version of Bruce Banner's alter-ego. Hulk Zombie comes from a Marvel Comics storyline in which a group of superheroes contracts a zombie virus in the year 2149 and becomes downright impolite -- and very hungry.

While the outstanding animation in "She Thor vs Hulk Zombie" is beyond reproach -- as is the epic battle between the two behemoths -- some are taking issue with Thor's outfit.

"I feel a very slight need to stand up for scantily clad comic book heroines," a commenter known as RemusShepherd said on the website i09, which also covered the video. "If your skin is invulnerable then it doesn't matter what you wear. May as well be comfortable. However, that does bring up the question of why invulnerable male superheroes don't walk around in banana hammocks. You never know, Superman's sales might go up if he dressed like Beach Borat."

And on the Miltonius Arts Facebook page, where the video was unveiled at the end of last month, a commenter named "Milton Says" (which makes you think it might be Pool himself) asks about the scantily clad hero.

"To answer your question, I just like drawing very sexual women that can fight," the production company answers. "I can only create things I enjoy. I grew up loving the scantily clad warrior women of Conan the Barbarian novel covers, fantasy art, Heavy Metal magazine and other adult-oriented art. I have no justification for her outfit other than it's what I like and totally understand it's not for everyone."

So there. What do you think? Is Pool's Thor badass or just badly dressed? Let us know in the comments below.