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Please don't pop the light-up inflatable bar

For the spontaneous party.

Bubble Miami

The idea of a "light-up inflatable bar" might evoke corny 1970s kitsch, but this one is going for the swank factor. Made by a company called Bubble Miami, these bars are designed to set up easily and quickly, support a considerable amount of weight, and then deflate and when it's time to make everybody go home. Plus, they light up. How cool is that?

Unfortunately, you really have to be careful with anything inflatable at any kind of occasion that involves alcohol. There are all kinds of serious threats lurking around--you know, stiletto heels, or broken glass, or cheese knives. This might be a disaster waiting to happen if it really isn't as sturdy as Bubble Miami claims. I guess we'll all know when someone takes this for a test run. (I wonder if CNET Reviews would want to give it a whirl?)

The inflatable bars come in two sizes: 7 feet long for normal parties, and 11 feet long for occasions of the New Year's Eve/Mardi Gras/John Falcone's Birthday Party variety.

(Via BornRich)