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PlayStation's mobile, multiscreen push

Sony reveals the future of PlayStation at Gamescom, Etsy cracks down on sketchy sale items, and Google+ begins to personalize URLs.

Tuesday's top tech headlines are formatted to fit your second screen:

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At the Gamescom conference in Germany, Sony announced several new PlayStation games and new methods for playing. Sony talked more about PlayStation Mobile for Android devices, but we still don't know exactly when it'll hit the market or how many games will launch in the store.

And there are some perks for those that own both a PS Vita and the PS3. For one price, you can get a game for both systems, starting with "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale," "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time" and "Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault." With the game Little Big Planet 2 on PS3, players can use a Vita as a cross-controller for a second-screen experience. (Watch a video demo here.) The Vita's touch screen offers new ways to play than what was possible with the standard PS3 controller. Multiple screens are where games will innovate over the next year.

Also, PS3 users can download a new YouTube app that makes it easier to search for videos. It also turns a smartphone into a remote for playing videos.

And in news outside the gaming world, lets turn to Etsy. The site just updated its selling policy to be clear that it will not allow the sale of drugs, poison and human tissue or remains, like bones. Not sure who was trying to get cash for bones at Etsy, but the site does still allow the sale of human teeth. With the asking prices for these items with real teeth, who needs the Tooth Fairy?

Google plus has begun to roll out vanity URLs, personalized for easy linking to accounts. This already exists for Twitter and Facebook, but if you wanted to link to someone's Google+ account, it's this crazy long string of randomness. Celebrities and brands will be the first to change that number string to a word. Eventually some of us mere mortals will also get the chance to make a custom URL.

Google+ also has added studio mode for video chat Hangouts, which optimizes sound for music. Since Hangouts launched, there have been quite a few musicians who have been using it for live performances and virtual jam sessions.

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