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PlayStation Vue pricing makes a la carte TV look like cable packaging (Tomorrow Daily 147)

On today's show, Khail returns to talk with Ashley about Sony's new TV subscription service (PlayStation Vue), why Marvel is killing off 33 different comic book series later this year and NASA's ideas on how electric planes might work.

Go nuts, because Khail's back! Yay! He's here, and just in time, because we've got to discuss the pros and cons of PlayStation Vue. Sony's hoping cord-cutters everywhere will jump on board this TV subscription service, but we're not convinced yet. Sure, you get cloud DVR and some other features unavailable on competing services like Sling TV, but there's also a hefty fee attached to it. Will people pay $50 a month to use the service? Also, it's looking a lot like a traditional cable package, especially with those sports and lifestyle channel add-ons for an additional monthly fee of $10 for each.

We're also discussing some really great work NASA is doing regarding electric planes. Sure, we have stuff that works now, but why stop there? NASA is using what they're calling LEAPtech, which consists of small electric engines and propellers across a plane's wings. They're not quite in the sky yet, but they're hoping to do that in the future and start scaling the technology as they go.

Oh, and before we forget...if you haven't heard about Marvel's Secret Wars...well, they're going to press a huge reset button on their comic book universes in 33 different series, so your favorite storylines or characters might not make it to the other side.

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Tomorrow Daily 147: PlayStation Vue pricing makes a la carte TV look like cable packaging

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