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PlayStation 2 games already big business

Titles for Sony's new console are among the top-selling U.S. video games--a week before anyone has the hardware needed to play them.

PlayStation 2 titles were among the top-selling U.S. video games a week before anyone had the hardware needed to play them.

A report released Thursday by market researcher PC Data showed that two of the Top 10 best-selling console games for the week of Oct. 15 to 21 were "Madden NFL 2001" and "Tekken Tag Tournament," two titles designed for Sony's PlayStation 2 game console. Combined with other PS2 titles, games for the new machine accounted for 11 percent of the console-software market during the period, according to PC Data.

The PlayStation 2 console went on sale in North America on Thursday, prompting long lines amid a cutback in the initial shipment. Many gamers will have to wait weeks or months to get their hands on a PlayStation 2 console, as Sony tries to ramp up production in time to satisfy holiday shoppers.

"It's a definite measure of the hysteria around PS2 that people are willing to buy software with no guarantee that they'll have hardware to play it," Matt Gravett, game analyst for PC Data, said in a statement accompanying the sales report. "They're all revved up with no place to go."

Three titles for the original PlayStation--"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2," "NBA Live 2001" and the same-titled "Madden NFL 2001"--were also in the Top 10, indicating that gamers are keeping their options open as PS2 units trickle into the marketplace.