Playboy offers every issue of the magazine online--for a price

Now every issue of Playboy is available through the company's new subscription-based online service, i.playboy.com.

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Jeff Sparkman
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This publicity image shows what the member home page looks like. And yes, this was fun to look for while at work. Playboy Enterprises, Inc.

For those of you who like to keep abreast of the latest developments in the digital magazine world, hold on to the respective garment of your choice.

Starting today, for 8 bucks a month (or $60 for the year), you can get online access to every issue of Playboy (does anyone still even read it?), thanks to the company's new Web-based subscription service, i.playboy.com.

This isn't the first time Playboy has offered the magazine in bulk. Last year, it released a portable hard drive with every issue up to December 2009. So if you bought that, now's your chance to catch up on the past few years. Score!

But is it worth paying $8 for nude photos that you can essentially already see via Twitter and other social-networking sites, sans airbrushing and digital manipulation and, possibly, sobriety? Does the high-production value of Playboy's nudes trump the free stuff available around the Web?

Maybe not. But when you factor in all the years of Playboy interviews, that price seems a little more reasonable. And I don't mean the Playmates' turn-ons and turn-offs, either. Real solid interviews with high-profile people like Martin Luther King Jr., Ansel Adams, Bette Davis, and more. There's also writing from the likes of Ray Bradbury, Norman Mailer, and Margaret Atwood. So when you look at it, it's not just a bunch of naked women.

Also, if you were born after about December 1953, you can find out who the Playmate of the Month was from when you were born, though 30 seconds on Google may also do the trick--but this way is much more fun.

Before you ask: Bebe Buell, Liv Tyler's mom.

What do you think? Is it worth it? Cast your opinions in the comments section below. And please, no "I only read it for the articles" jokes.