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Play your iPod on Philips' DVD portables

Two new Philips portable DVD players have an SD card slot and a dugout to place and play an iPod.

Philips DCP850 with iPod and 8.5-inch swivel screen

Instead of having to choose between a portable DVD player and an iPod, now you can tote both using one of two Philips portable DVD players. Both the DCP750 ($149), equipped with a 7-inch screen, and the 8.5-inch DCP850 ($199) have a well that accommodates a remote control that, when ejected, can now handle an iPod.

In addition to playing from an iPod, you can bring media in via the players' SD card slots. Both decks can translate a variety of MPEG-4 video formats including DivX, and most CD and DVD rewritable formats including SVCD. The players' most distinctive feature is the swivel screen, which can be rotated a full 360 degrees and laid flat and flush with the screen up.

The remote is a bit confusing--there's no volume control that we could find--and we had trouble getting the iPod video to show up on the screen. But the floor samples were preproduction models, and we were assured that these hiccups would be solved when the units hit stores sometime in the next couple of months.