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Play Netflix's Atari-style 'Stranger Things' video game

Now you can run around the Upside Down and save the day from Demogorgon in 8-bit glory.

Finally you can interact with the 1983 world of the Netflix hit "Stranger Things" and the Upside Down in a way befitting the era in which the show is set.

The streaming giant's latest hack day yielded a handful of cool projects, including Stranger Games, a super blocky game based on the show that I would have gleefully jammed into an Atari 7800 back in the day.

Netflix engineer Joey Cato hacked together the simple game, which consists of sub-games that are similar to Frogger and Pac-Man. You can play as Eleven dodging vans or run around the upside-down rescuing children while avoiding Demogorgon.

For a little extra added challenge, you can play the game on television sets from actual scenes in the show, including the awkwardly positioned black and white set down at the police station.

You can play the game yourself at this link, just make sure you hit the corner store first to stock up on Mountain Dew -- you'll wanna stay up all night playing this one until "The Smurfs" and the rest of Saturday morning cartoons come on the next morning. You Generation X kids know what I'm talking about...

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