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Plastic Logic Que e-reader delayed till summer

Plastic Logic's Que proReader was supposed to come out in April. Now it's been pushed back till summer. With the iPad's arrival next month, that may spell doom for this once highly anticipated e-reader.

The Plastic Logic Que proReader has a starting price of $649. Plastic Logic

Orson Welles famously used to say in his commercials for Paul Masson that the winemaker would "sell no wine before its time." Apparently, Plastic Logic has adopted a similar philosophy, as its once highly anticipated Plastic Logic Que proReader has encountered another snag and won't be released this spring after all.

Alas, the company continues to "fine-tune the features and enhance the overall product experience," which means that those who preordered the rather expensive e-reader aimed at mobile professionals will have to wait till summer to get their units.

Richard Archuleta, CEO of Plastic Logic, sent out an e-mail this week informing costumers about the delay and reassuring them that their credit cards would not be charged until their orders were ready to ship. "Within the next month we will send you an e-mail with more details about your order," Archuleta wrote. "If you also ordered accessories for your Que proReader, we plan to ship them at the same time as your Que proReader."

If Plastic Logic keeps delaying the Que's release, it may threaten to become the Duke Nukem Forever of the e-reader world. Of course, one of its big problems is its price (it starts at $649) and the impending release of Apple's iPad, which has more features, a color screen, plays video, and actually costs less.

Yes, some products shouldn't be sold before their time. But sometimes that time was last year.


Check out Tom Merritt's lengthy video hands-on with the Que: