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Plastic Logic cancels Que e-reader preorders?

It looks like the expensive Que e-reader has been caught in the iPad undertow and may never be released.

Is it curtains for the Que? Plastic Logic delays its e-reader again.
Is it curtains for the Que? Plastic Logic delays its e-reader again.
Plastic Logic

A word of caution to those waiting for the Plastic Logic Que to arrive: it may never come.

The company has apparently canceled its customer's preorders for the large touch-screen e-ink e-book reader that starts at a whopping $650 and goes up to $800 for a model with both Wi-Fi and 3G wireless connectivity.

According to Wired's Gadget Lab blog, the company hasn't officially canceled the Que, but is calling the latest setback a "delay." However, most people who cover the e-book reader space expect this to signal doom for the device, which has already experienced long delays and isn't a viable product with the iPad selling for less and offering a whole lot more functionality. Also, Amazon and Barnes and Noble's recent price drops to the Kindle and Nook certainly don't help the Que's cause, even if it is being marketed toward business professionals, not average consumers.

In recent months, Plastic Logic has been rumored to be up for sale, but no buyer has come forward. It's also worth noting that Dutch company iRex, which released its own, larger touch-screen e-reader, the DR 800 ($399), recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The iPad appears to have driven the nail into the coffin of that company as well.

(Source: Wired via Gizmodo)