Plant bugs on bad guys, then track them with your Garmin Astro

Meant for dogs, but who says you can't track people too?

Caroline McCarthy Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Caroline McCarthy

Yeah, yeah, we get the Jetsons reference. (Aren't there enough of those these days?) The $650 Garmin Astro, as featured on Gizmodo, is meant to track hunting dogs by following the movements of small wireless devices that can attach to their collars. The Giz guys, however, suggest that it could be used to keep tabs on kids or live-action Pac-Man players. Here at Crave, we think there are way more uses for this little handheld navigator. Namely, it could be used to fight crime. Imagine the kinds of reconnaissance you could do with a GPS device that not only tells you where the bugged target is, but the route he took to get there.

Or, if being a superhero isn't your thing, you could always find some clever way to plant one of the trackers on your local pizza delivery guy, use it to find out where he's going, and then invite yourself over to those destinations for some free Domino's. It's worth a shot.