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Planar's 26-inch monitor knows viewing angles

Planar's 26-inch behemoth has some wide viewing angles.

You may be asking "What does this picture have to say?," but you're being myopic. The real question you should be asking is "What does it not have to say?" Think about it...while I make my escape. Eric Franklin/CNET

I really love a good IPS or S-PVA monitor. However, most monitors I review use TN technology which, while fast and cheap, just can't match the viewing angles of its more expensive brethren.

I just got Planar's PX2611 26-inch IPS-panel-based monitor and I thought I'd attempt to illustrate its wide viewing angle with a few pictures. However, the problem is that viewing angle is relative, so it makes no sense to show you a good viewing angle if you have no idea what a bad one looks like.

For comparison purposes, I also took some pictures of the HP w2558hc, another 26-inch monitor; however, it uses TN panel technology. Check them out here.

Look for a review of both the Planar and the HP monitors in a couple weeks. You'll want to keep watching this page.