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Pizza joint creates one-push wireless order button

Would you order more pizzas if it only took one push of a button? Lucky pizza patrons in Dubai can do just that.

Keep away from children and the excessively hungry.
Red Tomato Pizza

These days, you can order pizza via phone call, Web site, and smartphone app. Add to that list a button on your fridge.

Red Tomato Pizza, located in Dubai, created a tech-infused "very important pizza lovers fridge magnet" for its loyal customers.

This special magnet does not just sit there and look pretty among your other fridge accessories, however.

When pressed, the button's built-in Bluetooth chip connects to your cell phone and transmits a preprogrammed pizza order back to the Red Tomato Pizza restaurant. Once your order's been received, you'll get a confirmation via SMS.

This system would work out for me because I usually order the same thing every time: the tried-and-true Italian sausage, pepperoni, and mushroom trifecta.

If you want a different pie, a Red Tomato Web interface lets you customize the default pizza order for each press of the button. Make sure you position the magnet high enough to avoid any "accidental" pizza orders from mischievous young ones, though.

The prospect of a pizza-ordering experience without lengthy phone calls or annoying Web site prompts sounds like heaven. Any guesses on how much longer it takes before we see a similar button from a major pizza chain stateside?

(Via Slashgear)