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Can you cook a pizza in a forge made for melting metal?

Your kitchen oven has some competition from a raging hot forge usually used for metalworking.

Most of us cook pizzas in our ovens at home. Maybe we get fancy and use a grill. YouTube user Essential Craftsman went a little overboard and decided to cook up a pizza using a metal forge. Host and blacksmith Scott Wadsworth approaches the experiment with an appropriate amount of restrained glee.

The forge can easily reach temperatures capable of incinerating a pizza, so Wadsworth brings it up to 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit (870 Celsius) and then lets the forge cool down to around 800 Fahrenheit (430 Celsius). He slides the pizza in and you can hear it sizzling within seconds.

It takes about 90 seconds to cook the pizza from raw to burned around the edges. Naturally, Wadsworth slices the pie with a cleaver. In case you were wondering, the toppings are mushroom and pepperoni.

It's probably not worth having a metal forge installed at your home just to cook pizzas, but if you already have a blacksmith shop, at least you now know it's possible.