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Pittsburgh gets its own Green Monster

PNC bank erects six-story wall of evergreen plants that's designed to help cool 30-story downtown building.

PNC's green wall in downtown Pittsburgh.

On Tuesday PNC Financial Services Group unveiled what it claims to be the "largest green wall in North America."

Certainly, the wall is taller and "greener" than Fenway Park's famous 37-foot-high Green Monster in Boston.

The PNC wall is a living, breathing wall of plants spanning 2,380 square feet on the south side of the bank's Pittsburgh headquarters, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Wood Street. The wall is made up of 602 two-foot square panels. Each panel contains 24 evergreen plants.

"The vertical garden, similar to a green roof, will help to cool the 30-story building. Preliminary studies show the south-facing living wall will be 25 percent cooler behind the wall than ambient temperatures," PNC said in a statement.

Currently, the wall is shades of green with darker green plants placed to create the bank's logo, but this spring some of the evergreen plants will bloom creating more color and changing the design.

The wall, similar in functionality to a green roof, was designed by Kari Katzander of Mingo Design, and built by Green Living Technologies and Cenkner Engineering Associates.