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Pioneer continues Generation Z

Pioneer unveils the Avic-Z2 in-car navigation and entertainment system.

Having collected the laurels for Car Tech's Best of CES last year with its Avic-Z1 in-dash navigation and multimedia system, Pioneer is using this year's show to launch the Avic-Z2. The Z2 builds on the basic design of the Z1 and offers a range of upgraded features: a learning capability, which remembers roads frequently traveled by the driver and incorporates these preferences into suggested routes when applicable; a smart routing algorithm that takes into account factors such as posted speed limits and the number of turns to reach the destination, to give a more accurate estimate of journey time; and lane information for 50 areas of the country, which advises drivers of the correct driving lane they should be in for passage through interchanges and exits.


Like that in the Avic-Z1, the Z2's hard drive-based navigation system also integrates XM NavTraffic (a separate XM subscription is required), which provides real-time information on traffic flow and accidents. The Z2 also features advanced voice recognition, brand icons for retail stores, 3D icons for points of interest, and text-to-voice technology, which reads aloud road names as well as turn directions and distances.

On the digital media front, the Z2 allocates the same 10GB of hard drive space to drivers to create their own media libraries, and retains the the ability to play DVDs, CDs, MP3 discs, and iPod input. The Avic-Z2 will appear in stores in April with a price tag of $2,200.