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Pinot meow: Wine for cats lets you toast with your feline friends

The new beverage has no alcohol, of course, but is made with organic catnip and fresh beets.

Kitty has a nose for a fine vintage.
Apollo Peak

Maybe your cat would like to mix up the menu a little bit. Sure, you may vary their diet with different types of cat food, but drinking water every day might get a little boring.

Now thanks to a company called Apollo Peak, you and your cat can clink glasses (bowls) and drink wine together. The cat's not drinking alcohol, of course -- this is an all-natural beverage made with organically grown catnip, fresh beets and natural preservatives.

You can explore the flavor options on the company's site. Choose from Pinot Meow or Moscato, and you can start with a 1.6 "meownce"-sized bottle if you're not quite sure that Jessica Patterpaws will take to it. A few pet stores also carry it, with more on the way.

Of course, cats are a famously finicky species, and not all of them are ready to form a wine club.

"Some cats went absolutely nuts for it, some scoffed at it (typical, right?) and others seemed to enjoy it so much they decided to squat next to it like a human taking their time to enjoy it," CEO Brandon Zavala told People magazine.

And don't worry, Bailey the beagle. The company says it's working on a dog wine too, but for now, if your canine chooses to steal the cat's wine, it won't hurt him or her.