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Pinnacle Studio 12 gets updates and themes

Pinnacle releases update 12.1 and the Winter Theme Pack for its Pinnacle Studio 12 video-editing software.

Pinnacle Systems

It's not exactly winter yet, though it feel fairly cold. However, folks at Pinnacle Systems think differently and on Thursday announced a new Pinnacle Theme Winter Pack for the Pinnacle Studio consumer video-editing application.

The Winter Pack is released together with the 12.1 update of the Pinnacle Studio software. The pack offers more than 80 additional winter-themed titles, DVD menus, and Pinnacle Montage templates. It will be included in special Pinnacle Studio Plus and Ultimate Winter Pack Editions at selected retailers until December 31.

The Winter Pack enables people to quickly create movies with themes relating to the holidays. If you already have the Pinnacle Studio 12 software, you can purchase the pack separately for $39.99 from October 30, 2008 to November 6, 2008, directly from Pinnacle Systems.

On the other hand, the 12.1 update is available as a free download for all Pinnacle Studio version 12 users. The update offers support for importing and exporting of the QuickTime file format, expanded support for the latest H.264-based camcorders such as Aiptek H.264 and Sanyo Xacti, and performance improvements.