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Startling pink buns embrace KFC China's new chicken burgers

ThTwo odd-looking chicken sandwiches from KFC China join the growing menu of fast food items with a geeky flavor, or that are just plain weird.

Black and pink buns brighten up these sandwiches. KFC China

If you see the words "pink" and "chicken" together, you normally expect to be dealing with some undercooked meat.

That's not at issue with a new chicken burger available from KFC China. The fast-food chain known for its fried poultry pieces introduced a pink-bunned sandwich this week.

The pink burger has some company from a black-bunned burger. If the pink burger is Spock, then the black burger is goatee-wearing "evil" Spock from the mirror universe. China news site The Nanfang reports that the burgers are called the "rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger" and the "black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger."

The pink sandwich looks pretty unusual, like it's made with scoops of strawberry ice cream with sprinkles on top. It joins an illustrious lineup of kooky comestibles that include Burger King Japan's screaming-red samurai burger (with bright-red cheese) and KFC's edible cookie coffee cup.

If you're not in China to taste one of these chicken burgers yourself, you can still live vicariously through Google Translate's poetic take on KFC China's marketing materials as they appear on the popular Weibo social-media site:

"small home Ken Yan burst table values are beautifully burger friends - look high cold, hot black diamond heart bacon spicy chicken burger, flowery beauty, fresh fragrant roses Chi cheese grilled chicken burger, you will be afraid of black # there is material # domineering black diamond powder? Or # have material natural pink #beauty rose pink? still is?"

I'll bet you're hungry now.