PictureFox puts a little cover flow in your Amazon

Tired of Amazon's clunky product image viewer? Check out PictureFox, a free Firefox add-on that turns Amazon product shots into a gorgeous, full-screen gallery.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

If you're a frequent user of Amazon.com and find its product image viewer a little clunky, it's worth checking out new Firefox add-on PictureFox. Once installed it grabs full-quality versions of each product shot, along with the photos provided by other customers, and puts them in a simple, Cover Flow-style image viewer.

Each image is scaled to be as large as possible--that is, compared to the size of your monitor. This means you don't have to use Amazon's zoom box viewer to see the tiny details. To hop between images users can simply click on the next shot, use the arrow buttons on their keyboard, or spin their mouse's scroll wheel. This can be especially cool when cruising through a big set of images, which the add-on seems to handle with ease.


Another nice thing about the add-on is that it leaves Amazon's own photo viewer untouched, which means you can still use it to access things PictureFox does not pick up, like user-added notes and profiles. It also automatically tweaks Amazon's long URLs to the much shorter ASIN URL ID system--something that usually requires another standalone add-on to achieve.

PictureFox is currently an experimental add-on, meaning it hasn't been vetted by Mozilla's extension testers. You can download it at your own risk over on Mozilla's add-ons site.